• content: see parts list below
  • tool panels with free arrangement (rubber string system)
  • case made of X-ABS material
  • carrying strap included
  • two freely dividable tool panels
  • lockable locks
  • very small and handy
  • aluminum profile frame with case lid locking
  • measures 320 x 295 x 160 mm
  • weight 3900 g, empty 2700 g
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Area of applicaton

The flexible tool case for mobile service! The most important tools for the repair and maintenance of electronic devices and equipment. The case base and lid offer additional space for electrical test equipment or mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. Everything in the smallest space. That makes our case HANDY unique!

Technical description

The housing made of black grained X-ABS plastic shells is rain-repellent as well as non-slip and impact-resistant. A sturdy aluminium profile frame provides additional stability. Two swivelling perforated plates hold 43 special tools ready to hand in rubber band loops. The regular perforation of the tool boards allows a free and individual division of the tools. For spare parts, measuring or soldering devices there is a stable plastic insert in the bottom of the case which can be subdivided with bars. The case has 2 lockable locks and an ergonomically shaped handle as well as a padded shoulder strap.


Tool case HANDY consists of:

  • 1515 tool case HANDY flexible organization
  • 1500-09 shoulder strap with protection leather black
  • 1-152 plastic adjusting screwdriver slot blade 4x0.5x40mm
  • 2-126 ESD desoldering lever slotted at one ends
  • 2-127 ESD tin knife pointed sharp blade
  • 2-132 spring puller 175mm
  • 2-166 glass fibre contact cleaner brush Ø 4mm
  • 2-265-1 test prod red blade 1 mm
  • 2-265-2 test prod black blade 1 mm
  • 2-275 magnifying mirror Ø 21mm 180mm long
  • 2-601 IC-tweezers 125mm
  • 2-620 PLCC-extractor
  • 3-603-15 ESD side cutters CLASSICline semi flush 115mm
  • 3-132-16 side cutters 130mm
  • 3-632-15 ESD flat nose pliers CLASSICline not serrated jaws 120mm
  • 3-634-15 ESD snipe nose pliers CLASSICline not serrated jaws 120mm
  • 4-523 screwdriver POWERline slot blade 4.0x0.8x100mm
  • 4-542 screwdriver POWERline cross-recess PZ0
  • 4-543 screwdriver POWERline cross-recess PZ1
  • 4-301 liliput screwdriver slot blade 2.0(+/-0.2)x0.65x40mm
  • 4-311 screwdriver slot blade 2.8x0.6x80mm
  • 4-343 VDE voltage tester slot blade 3.0x0.7x60mm
  • 4-366-AL watchmaker screwdriver cross-recess PH00
  • 4-392 watchmaker screwdriver magazin 6 pcs (1.5-2.0-2.5-3.0-PH0+handle)
  • 5-006 component tweezers 145mm jaws insulated
  • 5-107 anatomical tweezers 150mm form 22b
  • 5-181 wire scraper tweezers 125mm
  • 5-301 scissors with teething
  • 5-515 cutter knife 140mm
  • 4-775 socket wrenches handle plastic spring-haft
  • 6-202 socket wrench 5.5mm without handle
  • 6-204 socket wrench 7.0mm without handle
  • 6-771 adjustable wrench 0-13mm
  • 6-820 wrench key set 8 pcs (1.5-2.0-2.5-3.0-4.0-5.0-5.5-6.0)
  • 7-425 dust brush bristles width 25mm

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